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We are passionate about regeneration of the land and having happy healthy animals.

Welcome to Snow Gum Farm, we are currently working on our website.  You can follow more of our journey through our Facebook page here or sign up to our regular newsletter at the bottom of this page

We are a mixed farm raising Wiltshire Horn sheep, Dexter cattle and a variety of pigs on our 50 acre farm.  Our focus is on growing hardy, traditional, slow growing breeds that naturally excel in the Canberra climate creating a premium end product with superior taste and flavor.

Our farm uses rotational grazing that mimics nature by keeping the main mixed herd (the Flerd) moving onto fresh pasture, revisiting every 90 to 120 days, depending on the season.  In this way, the livestock’s natural synergy with the grassy pasture is used as a tool to regenerate the landscape.

Exciting news!! We have just launched our first pork pack that includes smoked bacon, double smoked glazed hams, mince, and sausages (plain or fennel).  

Garlic is available for a limited time.  Eat it or plant it now is the time to get your hand on some.  We are using the Open Food Network to sell our market garden produce.  Make sure you check back regularly for what we have available in the garden.  

We have a limited supply of beef available in September and plenty of Pork.


Dale Wynn and Carrie Chappell started their farming dream with a simple plan. To leave their own piece of land better than they found it.  Always learning and expanding their ideas, farming philosophies are always based around healthy animals, people and planet.


Everything has its purpose on Snow Gum Farm and our animals are no different.  Chosen for their ability to naturally adapt well to Canberra’s varied climate, an important factor to ensure minimal use of chemicals.  This usually leads to traditional, hardy breeds that are slow growing but taste amazing.


With their two sons Blake and Luka, Carrie and Dale love sharing their story of the good and the bad of owning and operating a farm that focuses on more than just the bottom line. 


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Happy Customers

I recently ordered beef and it was amazing in quality and taste. It’s also great to be able to visit Snow Gum farm and learning about the farming practices and see the livestock are treated well.
Now I am very eagerly waiting my next order for lamb.
Sarah Paseka
Last Sunday’s roast was pork that we got from Snow Gum Farm. It was cooked in the slow cooker for 7 hours. The meat just fell of the bone. Absolutely delicious. It lasted 4 days and fed our family of 4 for lunches and dinners. Highly recommended.
Darryl Tonks
Wow, we get beautiful lamb and beef from these guys but tonight had our first try of the pork…. BEST PORK I HAVE EVER EATEN. Plus knowing that it is ethically and sustainably produced. I cant recommend Snow Gum farms enough.
Katerina Annels

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