Pork Orders are Now Open

So excited about our new, and not so little additions.  The piglets arrived what seems like only a few months ago, and they have been an absolute pleasure to raise.  What entertaining creatures they, much like dogs and I can totally see how people could get very attached to them.

One of the primary reasons for the pigs were there natural ability to rotary hoe what will be the first stages of our market garden.  Were thinking large foundation crops like potatoes and garlic and if that’s successful we will see what takes our fancy after that.

Digging around is a lot of work, and as you can see by the picture they spend a great deal of time snoozing in the sun.  When they do decide to wake they will often run around like fools and play.  They have a real character, which I’m looking forward to exploring more as we get more experience.

There is a lot of learning with both the pigs, which are our first attempt into something that requires a little more hands care, but like many things now that were in it its not so bad.

Because this is the first time we’ve done pork, the order form is separated out from our usual annual order form.  Pick up will be on the 14th and 15th September along with our Beef.  All the details can be found in the order form, so please check it out here.

Look forward to seeing everyone in September when it’s a little warmer.

2 Replies to “Pork Orders are Now Open”

  1. Hi , do you have sides of pork available or whole pigs? What price would the be per kg

    Daniel (charcuterie enthusiast)

    1. Hi Daniel, thanks for posting. At the moment our pork runs in are March and September. We can do wholes, halves and quarters and price depends on which you choose. If your interested in ordering best to sign up to our newsletter. Orders for 2021 will open up around December, January, and subscribers to our newsletter gets a couple of weeks head start before we open it up to everyone else. If you have any more questions do just send us an email friends@snowgumfarm.com.au.

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