Our Story

Dale Wynn and Carrie Chappell with their two sons Blake and Luka, manage both Wiltshire Horn sheep and Dexter cattle on their 50 acre farm. Both hardy, traditional, slow growing breads, time creates a premium end product with a superior taste and flavor.

Over the last couple of years the farm has been progressively moving to a rotational grazing system. This mimics nature by keeping the main mixed herd (the Flerd) moving onto fresh pasture, revisiting every 90 to 120 days, depending on the season. In this way the livestock’s natural synergy with the grassy pasture is used as a tool to regenerate the landscape.

Orders can be placed anytime of the year and can be picked up directly from the farm when available. The current pickup schedule is Lamb in July; Beef in May and September; and Hogget in November. An order form including processing instructions can be provided by email.

Dale and Carrie love sharing their journey, goals and farm dreams with anyone that is interested in listening. If you would like to learn more please email, call or make contact through there Facebook page. Visits to the farm are always welcome, Spring is always a fab time with the bouncing lambs. Please just call ahead to make sure someone is around to chat.